Ciao, I'm

Gessica Santoro

A Full Stack Developer.

About Me

Ciao, my name is Gessica. I'm a Full Stack Web Developer living in London.

In August 2018, I met my friend John who is a Web Developer and every time he spoke to me about his work, I saw a spark in his eyes. He advised me to give coding a go just to see if I would be interested in it. I attempted an online code challenge and that birthed my interest in coding. To improve my coding skills, I carried out the Web Development Immersive Course at General Assembly where I gained a great understanding of full stack developement and I now love what I do.

I come from Italy so food is a big passion of mine. Desserts are one of my weakness and my favourite one is Tiramisu. In my spare time apart from cooking I like solving sudoku games just to keep my mind alive.

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Snails and Tunnels

HTML | CSS | JavaScript

Snails and Tunnels is an innovative version of snakes and ladders. Snakes and Ladders is an ancient Indian board game regarded today as a worldwide classic. The aim of the game is to navigate one's game piece, according to die rolls, from the start to the finish, helped or hindered by ladders and snakes respectively. The game is a simple race contest based on sheer luck.

This was a solo project where I had to put into practice everything that we have learnt in the first three weeks of our immersive course. All started by creating a grid with HTML and CSS. Afterwards I added the player, the computer on the grid and by adding the logic with JavaScript the game was easily done.

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Discover Coding Schools

HTML | CSS | SASS | Bulma | JavaScript | React | Heroku

This was a two days paired coding Hackathon with another developer and we had to create a front-end application. The website uses publicly available API data and it's built with a React.js front-end. After searching for a while we managed to find an API that was based on a list of all the coding schools in the world and this was when we decided to make a website to showcase coding schools in UK.

We did a lot of paircoding and we used Bulma as a framework which is very elegant and easy to use. Despite the short time frame that we had we were able to produce this project through dividing the workload.

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Hidden Gems

HTML5 | CSS | SASS | JavaScript | React | Express.js | MongoDB | Mongoose | Node.js | Webpack | Bulma | Heroku | Trello

This was a group project with other three developers and we had to create a full stack MERN application.The website was based on hidden gems of the world where users can find and add new ‘Gems’ and ‘Trips’.

I mainly focused on the back-end working with models, controllers and setting up all the routes but I also helped the team with setting up the components in the front-end.

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Eat Something

Python | Flask | SQLAlchemy | PostgreSQL | React.js |JavaScript (ES6) | HTML5 | SCSS | CSS | Bulma | JWT | Git | GitHub

This is a website that suggests recipes to parents of fussy eaters, based on two choices; 1 ingredient that their child likes to eat, and 1 ingredient that the parents want them to eat.

We worked a lot in a pair, so we started the project by planning the models and the database structure and then we moved onto creating the frontend using React. We added the components and then we added the logic to show a recipe based on the users two ingredient choices.